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Our supporters

We're delighted to have the support of some of the UK's best-loved agony aunts.

Deidre Sanders"Most of us have an idea of the basic mechanics of sex, but I often hear from men and women who lack the confidence to really communicate with their partners about what they want, which can lead to frustration and disappointment.

I have been referring readers to FPA for decades to learn more about sexual health and wellbeing, and it is great the charity is now talking more about sexual satisfaction and enjoyment.

Sex toys can be a great aid in helping people to explore what they like or dislike and in providing mutual pleasure, or enjoyment on your own.

I really welcome a source of information that isn’t influenced by the often unattainable and unrealistic ideas portrayed in pornography, and love how FPA's advice is presented in a friendly, inclusive and honest way.”

Deidre Sanders, Problem Page Editor at The Sun


Dr Pam Spurr"We all have the right to enjoy good sex but sometimes a lack of communication or understanding leaves us frustrated. Sex toys are not only great for pleasuring yourself, but for spicing up a relationship with a partner.

The 'joy of toys' shouldn't be underestimated. They help you discover more about your body, your partner's if you're in a relationship, and make experimenting easy and fun.

Twinned with reliable information and advice on sexual health and wellbeing, it’s great that FPA is opening up conversations about sexual pleasure and satisfaction."

Sex and relationships expert Dr Pam Spurr (online at @drpamspurr and


Dr Miriam Stoppard"Sex can make you feel wonderful; it boosts your morale and there are amazing health benefits.

"Bringing toys into a relationship is a fun way to extend and heighten pleasure, and if you’re experiencing a bit of a lull, it can be a great way of breathing new life into sex.

"Many couples find using toys together enhances mutual pleasure, while using a toy alone is a pleasurable way of exploring your own body, and can be an easier way than sex to achieve orgasm.

"Even if you think you can’t experience sexual pleasure – maybe because you’re pregnant, have just had a baby, have a disability or are older, don’t give up because it is unlikely to be true.

Dr Miriam Stoppard OBE


"When you really love someone and find them very sexually attractive it is a perfect combination. When making love it is so important that you can be totally open sexually and that you can show and tell each other what you enjoy so that you both know how receive and to give each other pleasure.  

"So many people who write to me are quite shy about really talking about what they enjoy.

"It is very important to make love in lots of different ways so that sex is exciting and fulfilling. Many couples enjoy sharing fantasies with each other or introducing sex toys into their love making. Or if you haven’t got a partner they can also be used for solo sex.

"Good sex is a lovely way of really communicating with each other and showing how much you love the person you are with or enjoy being with them.
Zelda West-Meads - Agony Aunt for Mail on Sunday – You, counsellor and psychosexual therapist