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  • Four ways to celebrate Valentine's Day (or any day)

    Forget overpriced flowers and tacky gifts, wow that special someone with our suggestions below. Even better - these suggestions work equally well on any other day of the year, not just for Valentine's!

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  • Three simple ways to have better sex

    I blame Instagram and Facebook for piling on the pressure to be the best – and for that sneaking feeling that everyone else is having a slightly better time than you are.

    This extends to the pressure to be constantly having a large amount of very exciting sex. A lack of open communication causes stubborn myths about how to be ‘good at sex’ to abound, such as the idea you need an encyclopedic knowledge of positions or an improbably large penis. Continue reading

  • Have you got festive "hygge" feelings?

    If you’ve not heard of the Danish concept of “hygge” (pronounced hue-gah) in the last year, it’s possible you’ve been living in a cave – which in itself may be very hyggeligt if you prefer peace and quiet!

    There’s isn’t really a direct translation, although many column inches, book pages and websites have been given over to trying. Continue reading

  • Three fun ways to turn up the Pleasure Factor…

    Nights are drawing in, temperatures have taken a tumble, and you’d totally be forgiven for shutting the world out and wanting to hibernate until next spring… But with those long dark nights and dreary days – providing the perfect excuse to stay under the duvet, we’ve come up with a few ways you could add some sexual sparkle into your autumn. Continue reading

  • Safer sex: the pleasure factor

    Sexual health messaging can often focus on preventing bad things from happening. This can leave condoms feeling like more of a barrier to your pleasure than something to be included as part of the fun.

    In a survey we carried out for our recent Sexual Health Week, more than one-fifth of 2,000 people we spoke to across the UK said they had not used a condom in the past because they don’t enjoy sex as much with them. And 15% said they don’t like how they feel.

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