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Three fun ways to turn up the Pleasure Factor…

Nights are drawing in, temperatures have taken a tumble, and you’d totally be forgiven for shutting the world out and wanting to hibernate until next spring… But with those long dark nights and dreary days – providing the perfect excuse to stay under the duvet, we’ve come up with a few ways you could add some sexual sparkle into your autumn.

1. Take some ‘me’ time – don’t underestimate its power!

Masturbation is a clear win in the pleasure stakes – as long as you’re in an appropriate place (that is private, not public), you can masturbate whenever the mood takes you.

Getting to know your own body, what you like and what gets you going, not only means you can give yourself as much pleasure as you’d like, but also means that you’re able to show your partner too. Among the many benefits that masturbation provides – being a great form of stress and pain relief, it also helps to combat any tension within the body.

Of course masturbation isn’t just for when you’re alone! Masturbating in front of a partner or taking part in mutual masturbation can be an amazing turn on. Not only can it help to increase the physical and emotional connection between you both but can also add an extra dimension to your sexual pleasure, whether during foreplay or instead of sex.

2. Why not indulge in some ‘pillow talk’?

We all know that the subject of sex and talking about sexual pleasure isn’t always easy - even with a long-term partner, but working to improve your communication, (not just for added sexual pleasure), can work wonders for any intimate relationship.

If the idea of being able to talk openly about different aspects of sex that you’d like to explore, such as new positions, toys or fantasies, makes you squirm, don’t be afraid to just start small - say when something feels good and begin to build up from there.

Being able to talk frankly about subjects like this means you’re more likely to have greater pleasurable experiences – it can also help when you need to tackle more serious conversations. Being able to confidently talk about safer sex and condoms or the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections is much easier when you can banish any shyness you have around sex.

Even though we call it pillow talk, some conversations might be more comfortable to have when it’s not the heat of the moment, just before or during sex, so try and pick the most suitable/comfortable moment for you.

3. Use a sex toy - couples bedroom toys can be a great way to really spice things up…

Its probably not surprising at all that at FPA Pleasure we’re recommending a sex toy – we’ve got a shop full of them. We do honestly think however that personal and couples pleasure toys can be a great addition to your sex life, whether you’re alone or with company.

If you’ve bought or used sex toys before, why not treat yourself to something new or different – on the other hand if you’re completely new to toys, don’t be shy to check out the range in our shop - reading posts like this ‘buying tips from our friends at Edinburgh Sexpression’ may just provide your with a better insight.

Different toys are designed for different parts of the body. Clitoral toys, like our smaller bullet vibrators, are great for stimulating a woman’s clitoris and vulva or a man’s perineum (area between penis and anus), though they shouldn’t be inserted into the vagina or anus.

Vaginal toys, which can be inserted into the vagina, include our classic Roxy Rabbit Vibrator, while anal toys, like our Butt Quiver Anal Vibrator, are great for prostate stimulation.

You can read more about using toys safely in our handy guides – things like the importance of lube to enable additional pleasure from your toys and advice/uses of couples pleasure toys.

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