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I have a disability

I have a disabilityWe think everyone has a right to enjoy sexual pleasure. When we select toys for FPA Pleasure, we think about how easy they are to use and enjoy if you have a disability (physical or learning).

We've put together some general information about the products we sell and advice on picking and using them.

If you have any ideas about products we could sell that are easy to use if you have a disability please get in touch.

Motor disabilities or difficulty gripping

At the moment, many of the toys we sell have just one button which is used both to turn the toy on and off, and to change the settings like the speed and type of vibration. These toys are turned off by holding down the button for around three seconds; if this would be difficult, a toy which has separate on and off buttons might be easier. In testing the products we have found that you don’t need to use a lot of pressure to press the buttons, but some pressure is needed.

If you have difficulty gripping then a hands-free toy such as the Rock Chick could be a good option.

Most of the battery-operated sex toys we sell have a small screw opening to replace the battery, which can be quite stiff if you do not have a very good grip. Some help might be needed with this.

Learning disabilities

If you can use your hands to grip, squeeze and press buttons then you should be able to use the sex toys sold on FPA Pleasure.

You may need additional support from a partner or carer with things like:

  • switching a toy on and off
  • getting used to your toy and how it works
  • keeping your toy clean
  • changing the batteries
  • getting a toy in position.

Although each product comes with a booklet about using it and looking after it, we’ve also included information on our product pages which may be easier to read and understand. This includes an easy-to-follow instruction guide on how to use the toy, change the battery, and a description of what it feels like.

We know some people like and dislike different textures so we aim to describe what they are like to handle and touch. We’ve also included information about what sort of vibrations the toy has, and whether they are louder or quieter than average.

It’s OK to feel like you don’t want to use the toys on your genitals straight away, but you can play around with how they feel on other parts of your body. For example the RO-LO can be used to massage any part of the body.

Lots of the sex toys we sell include a small bullet vibrator, which holds the battery. It’s important that the bullet is not used by itself to be inserted into the vagina or anus as it may become stuck.

Visual impairment

Some of the information on the packaging and the information booklets that come with the toys may be hard to read if you are visually impaired.

We've included lots of information about the toys and how to use and look after for them on this website, which we hope is user friendly for people using screen readers and magnifying software. If there is information you need but can't find then please complete our get in touch form.

Other help

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