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Massage Toys: Your Guide

Massage Toys: Your Guide

As we’re sure you can guess, massage toys can be used to massage all different areas of the body and primarily to enhance pleasure and relaxation.

They can safely be used on the genitals and other intimate parts of the body. Lots of people also enjoy using them in other places too; such as the neck, back and thighs – either as part of, or separate from sexual activity.

When it comes to massage toys, they come in all different shapes and sizes! At FPA Pleasure we offer a variety; our star-shaped body massager and sleek LUV body massager are firm favourites. In particular, our Luv body massager has a heart-shaped tip and is easy to hold onto; making it perfect for anyone but also a great option for a beginner to massage toys.

What are they good for?

A good massage can be a thing of joy; whether you’re just looking to relax and unwind after a busy day, or you’re wanting something more intimate and erotic…a toy that’s designed perfectly for this job is essential – and all part of the fun. Massage toys can be a great way to provide arousal, either on your own or with partners. 

Most massage toys have various settings – giving the user a choice of different speeds and intensities. This means you can experiment with them on different parts of the body and create different sensations. The RO-LO body massager has seven different functions; clearly demonstrating that the possibilities are almost endless!

If you’re new to massage toys, it’s a good idea to play around with the different settings first… start slow and build up to a level that feels most pleasurable for you -especially when using them around the genitals.

Depending on your mood and which part of the body you are using the toy on, different settings may feel more pleasurable at different times – learn what’s right for you.

How can I use a massage toy during sex?

As well as all-round pleasurable pampering and relaxation, massage toys can be a fun part of foreplay and sexual activity, including during masturbation.

They’re great for inducing and increasing arousal, especially if used around (rather than directly on) the genitals. This means you can use the toy to help build to a climax, either when you’re on your own or have company.

Some massage toys, like the LUV body massager are waterproof, so you can have fun, incorporating massage into an intimate bath or shower – just make sure the battery cap is properly closed first.

Using massage toys with massage oil is a great way to enhance pleasure and increase comfort. LUV massage oil is 100% natural-but remember massage oils are not the same as lube, and they should only be used on external parts of the body. An important note to make; Latex condoms can be damaged by oil-based products – in this instance we advise opting for something water-based. 

If you are using massage toys around the genitals, or using toys with condoms, Silk Luv Lube is a great water-based option.

What’s a good introduction to massage toys? 

Our range of massage toys is great for anyone to try, not just beginners. We also offer a Caress Me massage gift set, this includes both the LUV body massager and Body-Star massager at a great price.