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Rabbit vibrators: your guide

Different rabbit vibrators

Rabbit vibrators came to the attention of many women around the world thanks to an infamous episode of Sex and the City in the late 90s.

Once character Charlotte was introduced to the toy, she became so hooked on bunny-induced orgasms she gave up leaving her apartment until her friends staged an intervention.

If you’ve heard of the rabbit, but have no idea how it works, or why it’s such a special toy, here’s our low down.

What is a rabbit vibrator and why should I use one?

Apparently first designed with a rabbit shape to evade censors in Japan (where they were manufactured), this kind of vibrator uniquely offers stimulation in two areas. The bunny ears stimulate the clitoris externally, while the shaft goes inside the vagina.

With some rabbits (like Roxy here), the vibrations in the ears can be controlled separately from the main shaft of the toy, so you can have one or both parts vibrating in turn or together.

Some people also like to use the ears to stimulate the anus. Be careful though – there are bacteria in the anus that can be harmful in the vagina, so if you are moving a toy from one part of the body to another, cover it with a new condom or wash the toy before you move it.

The ears on rabbit vibrators are very soft and flexible, so you can move them around to where it feels best, or pull them away to delay orgasm.

Bunnies for beginners

A favourite among sex toy veterans, rabbits are equally great for people trying toys for the first time, and they can be used during solo sex or to heighten fun with partners.

Our Bullet-Bunny 10 Vibrator is a great starting point and very easy to use. It has 10 different settings, which means you can intensify or slow down the vibrations to suit your mood. It’s also ribbed at the top, which means more stimulation as you move it in and out of the vagina.

Another bunny great for beginners and rabbit-fans alike is our Roxy Rabbit Vibrator, which has an impressive 49 settings and separate buttons to control the ears and the shaft of the toy.

Buying a rabbit for the first time

If you’ve got your hands on a rabbit vibrator for the first time, you might like to have a play with it, in your hands or against other parts of your body, to get to know the different sensations and how the controls work.

It can be a good idea to use a water-based lube with your rabbit, especially to start with, as it can make inserting the toy, and rubbing it around the vulva (external genitals) more comfortable.

The vagina produces a natural lubricant when you’re aroused, but this can vary, especially as women get older, so having some lube to hand can help get you off to a more pleasurable start with your new toy.

Have fun!

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